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Real Coaching. Real Results.

The Best Way To Transform Your Lifestyle


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What Is Your Goal?​

Choose from the program paths listed below

Fit Lifestyle

Transform your lifestyle and learn to live fit and healthy for a lifetime. Receive personalized fitness and nutrition coaching with a focus on health and long-term sustainability. You will learn healthy habits and daily practices.  
This program works for the beginner that wants to lose weight, all the way to the lifetime gym-goer looking to take their physique to the next level. 

Contest Prep

Go next level with L8R Elite contest prep! A personalized approach towards contest prep with health as the #1 priority. Love the process, learn along the way, look your absolute best and be able to maintain that look after the show is over.
Champions upon champions have been created through the L8R Elite program, led by bodybuilding and figure champions Jeff and Jenny Later, who walk the walk.

Become The Next Success Story

Individuals of all fitness levels, check out these inspirational transformations!

  1. Sara
  2. Jill
  3. Mikka
  4. Jeff
  5. Dani
  6. Joe
  7. Dave
  8. Aubrey
  9. Carol
  10. Derek
  11. Robyn
  12. Ali
  13. Val
  14. Jamie
  15. Zach
  16. Rylee
  17. Matt
  18. Cameron
  19. Randilyn

Client Testimonials

Hundreds of satisfied clients with incredible results!

"Jeff & Jenny are not only the most amazing coaches ever, but amazing friends, with the biggest hearts. They have taken me above & beyond what I ever could have imagined with my body. They not only talk the talk, but walk the walk– so inspiring & motivating. They go above & beyond with their clients. I love them & you will too!"

McKaylee - Draper, UT
"Jeff and Jenny not only were amazing coaches, they were friends. I could count on them to offer a shoulder to cry on, a much needed hug or words of encouragement. They provided me with nutrition and exercise plans that helped me achieve the impossible. They not only helped me reach my goal..."

Sara - Herriman, UT
"I found Jeff and Jenn and they put together the most complete workout and meal plan I have ever seen! They have become great friends and have always been there when I need them. I am not only losing weight and hitting my fitness goals but they are also helping me change my eating habits and make better choices. It’s all about living a healthy life style!"

Carlos - Orem, UT
"I was looking for coaches who really cared about what I needed and wanted. After finding these two that was accomplished. The communication is great! I never feel embarrassed or stupid for asking questions, and they always answer quickly. I love the progress I have made and can’t wait to see even better results in the future!"

Melissa - St George, UT
"When it comes to health and fitness you can’t hire just anyone. Its a life changing experience that comes with many challenges. As we have taken on our journey with Jeff and Jen they have been nothing short of amazing. Not only are they prompt with updates and workouts but they are true to what they teach. They are true examples of hard work and dedication."

Ramie - Richfield, UT
"I have been able to see my body, my mind and my confidence grow in ways I didn’t think possible. I have never felt more healthy or happy with how I look. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else on this journey. Jeff and Jenny are not just excellent coaches, they are awesome friends to have in your corner."

Mary - Sandy, UT

What is L8R Lifestyle?

L8R Lifestyle is a customized nutrition and fitness system. The goal of L8R Lifestyle is to help you learn to live a sustainable healthy and fit lifestyle.  As a member of L8R Lifestyle, you will work directly with Jeff and Jenny Later. They personally review your detailed information
, and customize a program just for you.

L8R Lifestyle works with clients of all ages, both male and female, all fitness levels and all fitness goals. If you have over 100 pounds to lose and need the guidance and accountability of this program in order to improve health, or you're an active gym-goer looking to get to the next level; or even if you're an athlete wanting to compete in a physique competition. 

L8R Lifestyle programs include nutrition, workouts, cardio guidance, supplement suggestions, as well as tips and tricks to help live the lifestyle.  Each element is customized to work with your fitness level, circumstances, and needs.  

Programs are not set up with the goal of quick weight loss.  Strategic moderation is the name of the game! Jeff and Jenny will teach you a healthy balanced style of eating, that includes what foods to eat, what portion sizes, and timing. Ultra-restrictive diets do not last and are not sustainable. This approach delivers results to everyone that follows it.

Latest Blog Posts

What Makes L8R Different?

This Is Not A Quick Fix. This Lasts.


Diets don’t work. They inherently have an expiration date and teach you nothing.  Social media and fancy marketing convince people everyday that results can be had very quickly.  What they don’t show you is what happens after the diet is over...because 90% gain the weight back and then some!
Real lifestyle change requires close guidance and a strategic introduction of habits and knowledge.
What you need is a coach that lives and breathes a fit and healthy lifestyle. Someone that has accomplished great things with their own physique, is passionate about what they do, and has helped hundreds do the same.
That's real coaching. That’s L8R Lifestyle.
Take the stress away and let Jeff & Jen manage everything.

You Are Not Another
Number. You're Family.

Jeff and Jenny Later are nutritionists, certified personal trainers, seasoned physique athletes, and supplement experts. But most importantly they are  genuine people.  You will never be treated like a number, have your name forgotten, or sign up and never hear from them again.
Health and longevity are the two most important priorities.  Finding a solution that works for YOU is their specialty.  Jeff and Jenny:
It’s a team effort. You are not alone on this journey. We’re team YOU!
Work Together
Accountability is vital to success. Regular check-ins assure consistent support and result in success!
Actually Coach
They help you overcome challenges and find solutions to fit your life. If something isn't working for you, then they'll find something that does.
Communicate Constantly
Open lines of communication are vital between coach and client. You won’t get faster response times from ANY other coach.

If that's the experience you’re looking for….