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Fit Lifestyle

Transform your lifestyle and learn to live fit and healthy for a lifetime. Receive personalized fitness and nutrition coaching with a focus on health and long-term sustainability. You will learn healthy habits and daily practices.  
This program works for the beginner that wants to lose weight, all the way to the lifetime gym-goer looking to take their physique to the next level. 

Contest Prep

Go next level with L8R Elite contest prep! A personalized approach towards contest prep with health as the #1 priority. Love the process, learn along the way, look your absolute best and be able to maintain that look after the show is over.
Champions upon champions have been created through the L8R Elite program, led by bodybuilding and figure champions Jeff and Jenny Later, who walk the walk.

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What Makes L8R Life Different?

This Is Not A Quick Fix. This Lasts.

Jeff and Jenny Later are nutritionists, certified personal trainers, seasoned physique athletes, and supplement experts. But most importantly they are genuine people.  You will never be treated like a number, have your name forgotten, or sign up and never hear from them again.
Health and longevity are the two most important priorities.  Finding a solution that works for YOU is their specialty.  Jeff and Jenny:

Work Together

Accountability is vital to success. Regular check-ins assure consistent support and result in success!
It’s a team effort. You are not alone on this journey. We’re team YOU!

Actually Coach

They help you overcome challenges and find solutions to fit your life. If something isn’t working for you, then they’ll find something that does.
Open lines of communication are vital between coach and client. You won’t get faster response times from ANY other coach.
If that’s the experience you’re looking for….

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