Did You Give Up?

I was watching a basketball game the other night, which is honestly a little rare for me.  I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV, but when I do it’s with my wife.  It’s our unwind time.  She’s not a sports fan, so sports are never on, unless the U is playing! (our one exception)

The game started out pretty evenly matched, but after a series of turnovers and resulting points, there was a serious momentum shift.

The home team was fired up, the crowd was cheering, and the momentum just couldn’t be stopped it seemed.

This momentum was palpable and very visual.  The expressions on the faces of both teams could easily indicate which team was doing well and which one was taking a whooping.

This turned into a very boring game to watch. There was just no competitiveness about it.

My analytical OCD brain couldn’t help but evaluate the psyche, emotions, and resulting efforts by both teams. 

The away team gave up.

The momentum shifted and blow after blow just knocked them down and they didn’t get back up.

The home team, on the other hand, was executing play after play and continued to improve throughout the game.  Their attitude and excitement was right their with it.

Their hard efforts were continually paying off and they were having fun.

The away team wanted to leave after the 2nd quarter – and their play indicated that.


Does your fitness journey resemble that of the home team or the away team?

Did you have a setback, lose momentum and just couldn’t seem to pick yourself back up?

A missed meal, an extra cheat meal, popcorn at the movies, cake at the office, a donut at the gas station, maybe you slept through your alarm and your day was thrown off.


You can either put it behind you and continue on with your effort, or you can say f**k it! Throw in the towel and sit on the bench.

One bad thing doesn’t have to lead to another.  The away team could’ve stepped up their efforts and made it more of a game if they hadn’t given up.  Hell, maybe they could’ve even won! They have the talent to do so, they just gave up.

Have you given up? Did you stop after a setback? After multiple setbacks?

Anyone remember the superbowl this year? Something about the Patriots being down BIG, but they came back to win the damn thing??!

That’s some resolve! They put their setbacks behind them and pushed on.  They shifted momentum in their favor and it couldn’t be stopped.

That is so applicable to your fitness journey!! Nothing could be closer in comparison!

I know you’ve had setbacks. I know you’ve messed up on your diet. I know you’ve skipped out on the gym. I know you’ve been putting it off for a long time. I know the cards are stacked against you.

You mentally throw in the towel and tell yourself all sorts of things to rationalize the decision.

The difference between success and failure is not giving up!

You don’t have to be perfect.

You will have setbacks.

But you cannot stop.

I guarantee if you quit, you will not reach your goal. (Thank you captain obvious!)

I’ll give you another guarantee.  If you don’t quit, if you don’t give up, you WILL reach your goal.

It’s a winnable game no matter who you are or what your situation may be. Odds be damned!!

FIGHT for your health. FIGHT for your fitness.


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