Healthy Fats List

Healthy Fat List AvocadoNuts (almonds, cashews, etc.)Nut Butter (almond butter, cashew butter, etc.)Whole EggsGrassfed BeefWild Caught SalmonCoconut (oil)Olive (oil)Flax, Sunflower, & Chia SeedsEdamame

Starchy Carb List

Starchy Grains BarleyCracked WheatMilletOatsPopcornRiceShredded WheatWhole Wheat Starchy Fruits BananaBreadfruitPeanutsWinter SquashWinter ChestnutRaisinsFigsPlums Starchy Vegetables BeansBeetCarrotsCornGarbanzo BeansLima BeansLentilsLegumesNavy...

Lean Protein Sources

Egg WhitesEggs WholeLiquid Egg Whites (carton)Chicken BreastTurkey BreastCanned ChickenTop Round Steak (very lean red meat)Roast Beef93% or leaner Ground BeefBison/BuffaloLean Game Meat (elk, venison, etc)Salmon (fish with high omega-3 fat content)Yellowfin TunaLight...
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