Hey ya’ll!  I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Boise, ID to support some clients competing up there.  It was a fast trip but lots of fun. Our guys and gals absolutely killed it!

Between shows I worked in my hotel room, as I typically will.  Being Saturday in the fall, there were lots of football games on, so I had some playing in the background.

In one of the games I was watching, the home team was behind going into the final few minutes of the fourth-quarter. 

Their offense had been mostly unproductive throughout the game and things weren’t looking great.  They were able to get the ball back with under 2 minutes left on the clock. 

You’ve see this before. It’s the famed 2 minute drill. All of the sudden, the quarterback was slinging the football down the field and making huge completions. 

There was hardly any time left and they were doing all they could to move to bottom to the end zone.  

After 3.5 quarters of inconsistent passing, poor blocking, and zero running game, things we’re clicking.

In this situation, they weren’t quite able to score and win the game.

But, they performed better on offense than they had the entire game.


    “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.”

        – Jim Rohn

The team felt the NEED to perform. The sense of urgency was at its peak and motivation level skyrocketed.

Lineman blocked better, receivers ran their routes better, the quarterback saw the field clearly and threw more accurately.  

Everyone hustled.

This is just like fitness or any other goal we set for ourselves. We often casually approach things and lack a sense of urgency.

This sense of urgency can make or break your entire journey.  

You NEED to take care of your body. 

It’s not optional.

At some point in life, hopefully sooner rather than later, you’ll realize this.  I’m hoping you realize it now and take action.

You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish when you do.

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