Detox your body of all the “toxins”. 

Drink this tea to get “skinny”. 

Chug down these protein shakes 3 times a day and the weight will fall off!

Give up carbs. Give up fats. Give up meat.

Follow the latest yoga pant-cladded instagram fitspo’s weight loss diet and “shaping” program. (btw, google Brittany Dawn Fitness…)

All that, and more, are things you see in one form or another. 

The trends in the fitness industry come and go, and come and go again. We get fed the words and messages we want to hear and we eat it right up.  

It’s usually not until we learn the hard way, that…

  • Yes, you can lose weight on one of these “diets”…
  • No, it’s not sustainable…
  • You’ll likely gain it all back (97% of the time actually)

Here’s the thing…There is no point in losing the weight if you just gain it right back, and that’s almost a guarantee, if what you do to lose in the first place is impossible to sustain.

Can you honestly see yourself never eating carbs again?

Do you actually have toxins your body can’t seem to flush out? (pro tip: NO!)

Can you give up alcohol? Can you give up your favorite foods? Do you need to be perfect?

The sexy promises of rapid weight loss entice us all. 10lbs the first week on Keto? wow! (pro tip: it’s just water)

“Quick” is nearly never permanent and you’re setting yourself up for an unpleasant rebound.

If you’ve tried one of these trends/fads then you already know all this. I receive applications every day from people that are fed up with the quick fix promises (long-term disasters), and are finally ready for something sustainable.

So…How then?

To KEEP the weight off you have to develop habits and enhance your knowledge offitness and nutrition.

Habits are essentially automatic behaviors. Working to develop these behaviors can take a bit of work, but if the habits are so far outside your comfort zone, they’ll likely never happen.

So, we find YOUR habits. The ones that will work with YOUR life and support your goals. 

Focusing on the daily tasks we need to accomplish will break down the complex, big, long-term goals into bite-sized portions. (pun??)

Enhancing your knowledge of nutrition EMPOWERS you, and makes you bullshit-proof

There are some great programs out there and some not-so-great. Knowing more about nutrition will make you immune to their outlandish claims, and miracle promises…

AND show you what you really can eat. 

If I truly thought a tea, a wrap, or some miracle pill would enhance your weight loss or muscle building results then I would be slinging that all day! (I have extensive experience developing supplement products and product lines)

But the truth is that there is no quick fix.

Are there secrets? Perhaps…it merely depends on what you may or may not already know. 

Before you spend your hard-earned money on the latest product or program, do your research and become informed, just like you would with any other purchase.

I invite those interested to research us, what we do, look at our testimonials and transformations, our history, our credentials, our message, our core values

If you’d like to chat with me about our programs, schedule a call. I love talking with others about what we do and how we can help.


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