Cajun Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders
1.25 lb Chicken breast tenders (or chicken breasts cut into strips)
Cajun Spice Mixture:
1/2 tbs Salt
2 tsp Garlic salt
2 tsp Onion powder
1/2-1 tbs Cajun spice (to taste)
1/2 tbs Paprika
1 tsp Oregano
1 tbs Water

Dipping Sauce:
1/2 cup Plain non-fat Greek yogurt
1/4 cup sugar free ketchup
1/2 tsp Garlic salt
Pinch Salt (to taste)
Pinch Cajun spice (to taste)

Preheat oven to broil 550 degrees. Line a baking pan with foil and spray with cooking spray.
Stir all ingredients for the spice mix mixture together in a small bowl until it reaches the consistency of a thin paste. Toss chicken tenders in the seasoning, and until coated evenly. Spread chicken out onto baking pan. Spray lightly with cooking spray. Roast in preheated oven for 16-18 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through (no longer pink in the center of the thickest piece), and/or reaches an internal temp of 165 degrees.
Serve chicken hot or cold, with dipping sauce.

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