About Us
What Is L8R Lifestyle?
L8R Lifestyle is a customized nutrition and fitness system. The goal of L8R Lifestyle is to help every client learn a healthy new lifestyle and is long-lasting, instead of a temporary diet solution.  L8R Lifestyle clients work directly with Jeff and Jen. They personally review each clients information and customize each program based on the client needs. 
L8R Lifestyle works with clients of all ages, both male and female, all fitness levels and all fitness goals. From the client that has over 100 pounds to lose, and needs the guidance and accountability of this program in order to improve health; to the active gym-goer that is looking to get to the next level; to the athlete wanting to compete in a physique competition.  L8R Lifestyle programs include nutrition, workouts, cardio guidance, supplement suggestions, as well as tips and tricks to help live the lifestyle.  Each element is customized to work with an individual's fitness level, circumstances, and needs. 
Jeff and Jen strive to make this a lifestyle change that lasts for each and every client.  Programs are not set up with the goal of quick weight loss.  They don’t believe in fad diets, quick fixes, or eliminating entire macronutrients.  They teach clients a healthy, balanced style of eating, educating them on what foods to eat, how much of them to eat, and when to eat them. The style of eating that is taught is one that can be utilized for a lifetime. 
L8R Lifestyle’s goal is to provide clients, whether online or in person, with the tools that they need to transform their bodies and their lifestyles. The transformations are not just physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual!  They develop self-confidence and a sense of empowerment that extends beyond the physical. 
A personal note… 
We thrive on seeing our clients succeed. This is our passion and we believe it to be our true calling in life.  We eat, sleep, and breathe this lifestyle. We still actively compete in physique competitions and you’ll find us in the gym just as much as anyone. We do this because we love it and we love seeing lives changed in such a positive way.  Sharing our knowledge never feels like work, but rather a blessing!

Our Team

Jeff Later
My passion for health and fitness started at a young age and has been a part of my life for as long as I was allowed in the gym.  My mom ran 5 and 10k races almost every weekend in the summer months and went to the gym everyday. This inspired me from a young age to do the same. As soon as I hit 14 I would go to the gym with my mom and do whatever weight training I could figure out while my mom was in an aerobics class.  I haven't missed a week of working out since then!  Working out and staying fit and healthy is my life's passion.  I LOVE it!

I had the vision to one day step on bodybuilding stage but was never satisfied with the muscular development I had achieved.  After some life events I put more focus on my personal health and fitness and was able to put myself in a position to enter my first bodybuilding competition.  This new challenge drove me to better myself in multiple ways and I fell in love. I've continued to pursue this passion of competing, culminating in earning my IFBB Pro Card in 2018.  

I have done many things in my business career that have varied from project management, graphic design, dietary supplement formulation, in addition to many years as a personal trainer.  

In my years of formulating supplements I developed entire product lines and corresponding programs. These ranged from energy drinks to protein shakes, to fat burners, and everything in between.  These products and programs have generated tens of millions of dollars and positively impacted tens of thousands of people. 

Coaching is not something I ever planned on doing. It came about after helping so many friends and family with their fitness goals and eventually prepping others for competitions.  It snowballed from there and eventually forced (or allowed) me to quit my corporate job and work side-by-side with my wife full time.

Coaching others is something I’m truly passionate about and truly enjoy. I believe living fit and healthy is a lifestyle and should fit in your life with balance. 

  1. 2015 USA Championships
    2015 USA Championships
  2. 2015 NPC Jr Nationals
    2015 NPC Jr Nationals
  3. 2013 NPC California State Championships
    2013 NPC California State Championships
  4. 2013 NPC California State Championships
    2013 NPC California State Championships
  5. 2016 NPC Jr Nationals
    2016 NPC Jr Nationals
Jenny Later
I’m Jenny Later and I’m so happy you are taking the time to check out our website. L8R Lifestyle was created to fit into everyone’s life. Honestly, if I can do it you can! I grew up in a home that did not practice an active and healthy lifestyle. I was never an athletic girl, I never took dance, and I never really worried about what I ate. But after witnessing the affects that diabetes, obesity, and bad nutrition had on my family, I decided to be different!

I made a change and began to hit the gym and study sports nutrition. I was instantly fascinated with the power you can have over your body. With the right balance of nutrition, weight resistance, and cardio, you can shape your physique into anything. I began to eat, sleep, and breath health and fitness.

Then, at age 30, and a mother of 3, I competed in my first NPC bodybuilding competition. I was also lucky enough to have met my amazing husband, who shares my same passion. So, after 5 years of competing and many years of training and clean eating, I created L8R Lifestyle with my husband.I’m excited to share my passion and knowledge with others.

Living a healthy, active lifestyle is truly fulfilling. It’s empowering is something any one can do. I would love to show YOU how to live this lifestyle. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you get started towards a better life today!
Mikka Heim
I found my passion for health and fitness from being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at 14 years old. Being so young, I didn’t really know what it all entailed or the impact it would have on my life. My doctor immediately put me on daily injections to help stop the progression of my disease.

After years of being medicated, my symptoms from the injections were far worse than my actual symptoms from the MS. At this point, I knew I needed to make a change. I made it a goal to start living a healthier lifestyle in hopes of helping me cope with my MS.

I began eating clean and regularly hitting the gym. This was all so new to me because I grew up in a house that didn’t make their health a priority. I fell in love with everything about living a healthy lifestyle, especially the way it made me feel! I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so good and had the energy levels I was beginning to have! I even changed my major from Graphic Design to Community Health Education because I couldn’t get enough. I then decided I wanted to take things to the next level and compete in an NPC bodybuilding competition.

When I told my friends and family my goal of competing, they were all hesitant because they were worried it would be too hard on my body. I didn’t listen. I went ahead and started prepping for my first show in May 2014. It took over a year before I stepped on stage in June 2015.

I am happy to say I’ve been off my MS medication for almost over 4 years now and have never felt better! The progression of my disease has COMPLETELY stopped. My doctor was in complete shock after looking over my last set of MRIs. I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education and a minor in Digital Media. After my first NPC show, I loved it more than I imagined and have done several since then, leading me to become an IFBB Figure Pro!

After seeing the power of living a healthy lifestyle in my own life, it has become my passion to help others do the same. It’s crazy what the body is capable of when you take care of yourself!
Shanna White
Coming soon!
Debbie Bird
Fitness has always been a priority in my life.  I was an athlete in Jr. High and High School, competing in both basketball and track. I loved being active and the thrill of competition.  Once I graduated from High School, I had to find a new way to work out.  I started going to the gym to lift weights.  I fell in love with it and the feeling I got from strength training and building a strong body. 
I met my future husband in college and 11 months later we were married. Together we graduated from Utah State University.  I received a B.S. in Education but started my career as a Marketer for a local financial institution.  Later in my professional career, I spent time in Public and Corporate Education. Although my work history is varied, the one constant all those years was my love and commitment for fitness; I never stopped going to the gym.
My family grew by two boys and my life got busy. However, I continued to make exercise a major part of my life. In 2015, I decided to take my fitness to the next level by competing in an NPC Figure competition.  I became a client of L8R Elite and worked with both Jeff and Jenny Later for 13 months leading up to my first Figure competition in March 2016.  It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.  I learned how to eat, how to be more productive in the gym and how to be dedicated to this lifestyle. Since then, I have competed four more times and I’m looking forward to what will come next.  
Over the years, the gym was always there for me.  It was my place to take care of my body and my mind.  I found it to be stress-relieving, empowering and motivating. The gym helps me tackle life and all its ups and downs.  
I’m not done building my body; I love this sport and I will be doing this for the rest of my life.  I love sharing my love for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  I want to be a good example for my family, my friends and anyone else wanting to make a change.  In August 2018, I got the amazing opportunity to become a L8R Lifestyle Coach and I look forward to working with people who want to live a healthy life too!