About L8R Lifestyle

What is L8R Lifestyle?


L8R Lifestyle is a family! Founded in 2010, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with thousands of individuals, from all walks of life. Our goals have been the same since day 1. We believe in a sustainable long-term approach to health and fitness. You won’t find fad diets, quick fixes, or extreme restriction here. Our core values define us and everything we do.  We thrive on seeing our clients succeed. Every member of our team has a true passion for helping others, and it shows in the extreme effort they put forth. We love our members! 


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  • Be honest, trustworthy
  • Take accountability, own up to mistakes
  • No cookie-cutter, fake, scammy, or unsustainable shit. No fad diets or quick fixes.
  • No marketing BS.
  • Real health, no hype.
  • GET REAL. Realistic expectations.
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  • Families work AND play. Have fun. Have respect and compassion for each other.
  • Not about competition within our team.
  • You ARE the brand.
  • Show up for each other.
  • Support each other
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  • Learning leads to innovation. Always seek learning.
  • We are evidence based, science based.
  • Do and teach whats right, even ESPECIALLY when it’s not popular
  • Be smart. Be outstanding. Be different. Be passionate.    
  • Do what WORKS.
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  • Health is the priority
  • Caring for members is #1.
  • Listen: know their needs, goals, make them feel heard and valued
  • Show up: be there for them, make sure they know you care, go above and beyond. Personalize. Customize. Make sustainable. Make the time. Find what works. Help them succeed. WANT their success.
  • Shut up: be humble, no egos allowed
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  • Challenge yourself and challenge others to be your best selves. Best self comes from balance, sustainability, hard work.
  • Growth and progress. Get out of your comfort zone, and never be okay with staying the same
  • Be a LEADER, and be coachable
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  • Live and breathe this lifestyle
  • Be THE example
  • Share the life with others

Our Team


Jeff Later


My passion for health and fitness started at a young age and has been a part of my life for as long as I was allowed in the gym. My mom ran 5 and 10k races almost every weekend in the summer months and went to the gym everyday. This inspired me from a young age to do the same. As soon as I hit 14 I would go to the gym with my mom and do whatever weight training I could figure out while my mom was in an aerobics class. I haven’t missed a week of working out since then! Working out and staying fit and healthy is my life’s passion. 

I had the vision to one day step on bodybuilding stage but was never satisfied with the muscular development I had achieved. After some life events I put more focus on my personal health and fitness and was able to put myself in a position to enter my first bodybuilding competition. This new challenge drove me to better myself in multiple ways and I fell in love. I’ve continued to pursue this passion of competing, culminating in earning my IFBB Pro Card in 2018.

I have done many things in my business career that have varied from project management, graphic design, dietary supplement formulation, in addition to many years as a personal trainer.
In my years of formulating supplements I developed entire product lines and corresponding programs. These ranged from energy drinks, to protein shakes, to fat burners, and everything in between. These products and programs have generated tens of millions of dollars and positively impacted tens of thousands of people.
Coaching is not something I ever planned on doing. It came about after helping so many friends and family with their fitness goals and eventually prepping others for competitions. It snowballed from there and eventually forced (or allowed) me to quit my corporate job and work side-by-side with my wife full time.
Coaching others is something I’m truly passionate about and truly enjoy. I believe living fit and healthy is a lifestyle and should fit in your life with balance.

Jenny Later


I grew up in a home that did not practice an active and healthy lifestyle. I was never an athletic girl, I never took dance, and I never really worried about what I ate, but after witnessing the effects of diabetes, obesity, and bad nutrition on my family, I decided to be different!

I made a change and began to hit the gym and study sports nutrition. I was instantly fascinated with the power you can have over your body. With the right balance of nutrition, weight resistance, and cardio, you can shape your physique into anything. I began to eat, sleep, and breath health and fitness.

I created L8R Lifestyle, with my husband Jeff, out of pure passion for helping others. Living a healthy, active lifestyle is so fulfilling and empowering, and I want to help as many people experience it as possible.  

Kari Durrant

operations manager

I never thought I would work in the fitness industry. With a background working in mental health and working with eating disorder recovery patients, and just simply living in this day and age, I have seen the dangers of the vast majority of the diet industry. They all prey on insecurities and sell blatant lies to make a buck. 

Years ago, a close friend of mine found coach who made her feel whole and loved throughout her journey to look and feel how she did before her pregnancies. She was taught how to fuel and move her body and truly live a healthy lifestyle. When I was looking for a more fulfilling and challenging career, I saw her coach post a job opportunity and I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to work with Jeff and L8R Lifestyle.

I work in the “fitness industry” because I’m proud to be a part of a company that lives and shares the good word of truly living a healthy lifestyle. Not fads. No short cuts. No lies. Just education, love, support, and good food. 

A bit about me. I have experience in dance, art, graphic design, business, education, mental health, data and analytics, project management, and more. I have a passion for organization, efficiency, and a good spreadsheet. This job is where my right brain and left brain meet! When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking or watching nerdy movies with my husband and 2 sons. 


Programs: Contest Prep, Lifestyle, Autoimmune



I found my passion for health and fitness from being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at 14 years old. Being so young, I didn’t really know what it all entailed or the impact it would have on my life. My doctor immediately put me on daily injections to help stop the progression of my disease.
After years of being medicated, my symptoms from the injections were far worse than my actual symptoms from the MS. At this point, I knew I needed to make a change. I made it a goal to start living a healthier lifestyle in hopes of helping me cope with my MS.

I made a significant shift in lifestyle and prioritized nutrition and exercise. This led me down a path that I’ve fallen in love with and now get to teach to others. I am essentially symptom-free of MS, have been able to strengthen and build my body and live a normal life. 

I started competing in figure competitions and earned my IFBB pro card in 2017. This is an achievement I’m proud of, but my real passion lies in helping others live their best life. Helping others experience the life-changing shift, similar to what I experienced, is something I live for and am incredibly passionate about.

Debbie Bird


Fitness has always been a priority in my life. I was an athlete in Jr. High and High School, competing in both basketball and track. I loved being active and the thrill of competition. Once I graduated from High School, I had to find a new way to work out. I started going to the gym to lift weights. I fell in love with it and the feeling I got from strength training and building a strong body.
I met my future husband in college and 11 months later we were married. Together we graduated from Utah State University. I received a B.S. in Education but started my career as a Marketer for a local financial institution. Later in my professional career, I spent time in Public and Corporate Education. Although my work history is varied, the one constant all those years was my love and commitment for fitness; I never stopped going to the gym.

Coaching others to live their best life is something I feel incredibly fortunate to do. I love the people I get to work and interact with on a daily basis. Seeing the positive and profound effects of a healthy and fit lifestyle on others is something I live for!


Programs: Autoimmune, Lifestyle


Programs: Lifestyle, Autoimmune

Shanna White


My love for heath and fitness started when I was pretty young. I grew up playing various sports and I have all brothers so I was pretty competitive. However, growing up in a single parent household we didn’t always eat the best and it ended up being a lot of quick foods. I got my first job at 16 at a fast food chain and could eat whatever I wanted which led to habits that’s weren’t the best. I knew I needed some form of exercise so I signed up for a weight lifting class my junior year of high school and fell in love! I ended up getting a job at a gym and working there full-time my senior year of high school and after. I was hooked!

Coaching others is something I absolutely love! I’ve worked with so many people over the years, from diverse backgrounds, unique goals, and different challenges. The power within us all to take control and do what we want with our health is incredible, and I love helping others find that power!



Fitness and athletics started at a young age for me. Soccer, Football and Wrestling were my favorites growing up. In High School I dropped Football for Track and Field because I was a baby (like I was maybe 100 pounds my sophomore year).

After graduation I really wanted to get a little bigger and this is where my passion for lifting started. I was pretty good with getting to the gym but had a hard time with the diet side, what am I supposed to eat? How much? How many times a day?

Fast forward about 10 years my lifestyle looks completely different. Nutrition and exercise are dialed in and the bad habits I used to have, have been replaced with healthy ones. I love continually pursuing my own fitness goals, as well as coaching others to achieve their full potential.

Coaching is amazing and love having a career that allows me to make a positive impact in the lives of so many people. I feel like the rewards are just as fulfilling for me as they are for the people I work with, which makes the role of coach such an amazing one!


Programs: Contest Prep, Lifestyle





Health and fitness hasn’t always been a part of my life. After a major weight gain as a result of pregnancy I tried every fad diet and exercise program out there, attempting to get back to my body before the baby. But nothing made me feel or look the way I wanted to. The results were short lived, the weight would come back and the disordered eating patterns I developed through my teen years would get triggered and out of control.

One day it clicked that if I wanted to be healthy and fit for life I needed to start living a lifestyle that was healthy and fit and stop the dieting hell. By eating balanced meals through out the day and weight training regularly I eventually achieved my goals and never looked back!  Not only that, I was also able to overcome my unhealthy relationship with food.

Zach Atkin


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a desire to push myself to become better at whatever I was doing. Growing up, I tried just about every sport you could imagine, but I loved the training aspect the most. When I got a pull-up bar installed in our house, my dad and I would have competitions every week to see who could do the most pull ups. This eventually led to my first weight set at around 10 years old. 

In high school I started to incorporate better nutrition practices, along with better training principles. This led to me competing in my first bodybuilding competition, leading to a teen national championship at the age of 19. I’ve since been able to continue improving and growing and have won multiple competitions.  

My passion has shifted towards helping others walk this same path, learn what I’ve learned, and empower them with the tools to help them smash their goals and live this lifestyle. I know how rewarding this life can be and I want to help others experience it as well!







Growing up I was always pretty athletic, although I never really played any specific sports. I did gymnastics and ballet for a couple years when I was really young and was on a swim team for a little while, but mostly loved playing ball with my dad in the backyard. I grew up in a household where my mom taught us the importance of eating balanced and healthy food, as well as getting regular exercise/activities. My favorite “exercise” and what I really loved, was riding and training horses.
After having my first child and gaining a significant amount of weight, I knew a change was necessary. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and confident I could do anything I put my mind to. During this time I watched my father make an amazing transformation and compete in his first ever bodybuilding competition. After seeing him and all those amazing ladies on stage, I knew it was something I needed to some day do. I was absolutely PETRIFIED of the idea though. When I first started with the L8Rs, I shared this fear/dream with Jeff, and he knew I had the ability. I finally got the courage and after doing my first competition, I FELL IN LOVE!!!
The confidence, love, passion and gratitude I’ve felt for everything I was taught and the belief my team had in me really showed me what my dream life looked like. I now get the privilege of aiding others in having their own life altering experiences. This is my dream come true, to be here for those that I have the opportunity of working with!







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