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How to Stay on Track When Traveling

Living a healthy fit lifestyle is not easy. It requires time and effort and a lot of planning – if you’re doing it right. Settling into a routine you follow everyday makes it much easier and after a while it doesn’t feel as hard as it used to. What happens when that...

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1 Week Out Cal State

I’m in that “hang on for dear life” mode. Part of it is physical, feeling drained and exhausted from all the work and low carbs. The other part is mental, knowing that the show is right around the corner and anticipating the finish.   I’m feeling pretty good...

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3 Weeks Out

Every prep is so different. This one is no exception. I am currently doing more cardio than I ever have done at any point during any prep, and I’m still 3 weeks out. I’m ok with it, I need it. My body is progressing, but it’s being a little stubborn and this is what...

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Bust Through Plateaus

Download My Plateau Buster

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