How It Works

    Choose between the Fit Life membership or L8R Elite membership, depending on your goals.
    After selecting your plan you will be directed to a detailed questionnaire to help us get to know you better and to help us design a plan to fit your needs and goals. You will also receive instructions on sending your initial photos.
    Once all the information has been received, Jeff & Jen will begin crafting your customized plan and email it to you within 24hrs.
    Accountability begins immediately! You'll begin sending you check-in emails to Jeff & Jen directly each week. They review your progress and make adjustments accordingly.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: How does your service work?
A: We provide all the tools your need to get the body you want! Every program includes a customized nutrition plan, weight training guide, cardio schedule, cooking guide, and supplementation advice. All of these are updated as often as needed to assure continual progression towards your goal. Regular check-ins are done in person or via email, depending on your program and updates are given the same day! We consider ourselves “on call” to our clients, so your texts and emails will be answered quickly. Progress pictures, body composition analysis, and weight will all be assessed regularly. You’re not just a number to us, we care about your success!
Q: How soon will I see results?
A: This is one of the most common questions, but the answer to the question is up to you. You’re compliance to the program will determine your success. Our programs are designed to achieve results quickly, but also with the long term goal in mind. We don’t want you to just lose weight for this program, we want you to transform your body, establish healthy habits and change your lifestyle!
Q: Do I have to do the L8R Elite plan if my goal is to get really shredded, but not step on stage?
A: No matter the program you choose, you can reach the absolute highest level. L8R Elite members simply go through the competition process and actually get on stage. But Fit Life members can work just as hard and take their physique just as far as competitors if they choose.
Q: Do you work with Vegetarians or Vegans?
A: We believe in a balanced nutritional approach and don’t like to exclude entire food groups. With that in mind, a vegan diet is NOT something we can work with. Vegetarians, however, we can work with as long as they are willing to eat at least one form of animal based protein such as eggs, dairy, or fish.
Q: Do we need to be an actual couple to receive the couples discount?
A: We love working with couples! We see increased success rates when couples work together to achieve their health and fitness goals. However, to receive the discounted rate you DO need to be living in the same household.
Q: How many sessions are included?
A: This depends on the type of program you choose and the duration. The Fit Lifestyle program is a membership based on time, not number of sessions. The program is designed to work over time, not just when you meet with us. We use the sessions to review your progress and determine if any changes to your program are needed.
Q: Do you include training sessions in a gym setting?
A: We do not do any personal training in a gym. We will go over form and answer any weight training, cardio, stretching, and other related questions as much as needed.  We cater the plans according to your experience level and make progressive changes as you go.
Q: What is your approach to nutrition?
A: We don’t stick to one approach for everyone. We adapt to you, your schedule, your preferences, your lifestyle, etc. We aim to increase your metabolic strength and that is done through proper diet complimented by effective exercise. We focus on using nutrition methods that are sustainable and long-lasting. Simply put, nothing is cookie cutter. We listen to you and your individual needs and cater a program suit your needs.
Q: I’m thinking about competing, what does it take to prepare?
A: Preparing for a Physique Competition requires a great deal of work no matter your starting point. This program is much more intensive and requires a bigger time commitment both for you, the athlete, and us, the trainers. We use tried and true methods, backed by science and experience, to get you looking your best. We discourage any program aimed at only fat loss. We focus on muscle the entire time and help you protect what you have and build more. Whether it’s your first competition or you’re a seasoned competitor, we can help you achieve your best look. We prep athletes for all divisions including: Bikini, Figure, Physique, and Bodybuilding. Become a part of TEAM L8R and train with champions!