Chocolate Parfait

•1 (1.4-oz.) package fat-free, sugar-free chocolate instant pudding mix
•1 ½ cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
•1/2 – 1 cup water
•1 cup container fat-free tru-whip
•Sugar Free chocolate syrup
•3/4 cup chocolate cheerios (1.5g fat & 20g carbs)
Stir together pudding mix and yogurt and ½ cup water in a bowl. Slowly stir in additional water until creamy consistency is is reached. Fold in 1 cup whipped topping.
Spoon 1 Tbsp. cheerios into each of 6 (4-oz.) glasses, and top with 1/3 cup pudding mixture, then chocolate syrup. Repeat layers with remaining crumbs, pudding mixture and syrup. Top each parfait evenly with remaining whipped topping and sprinkle a few crushed Cheerios on top. Cover and chill at least 30 min.

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